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Customer Care

Parker Farms Natural Meats is a family owned and operated business with deep roots in farming. Tom's ancestors, who immigrated from Europe were farmers and that tradition continues. Tom received his first calf when he was 8 years old and, the only thing that has changed is that instead of one cow, he now has hundreds.

Parker Farms Natural Meats has a deep commitment to raising healthy livestock in as humane way as possible. All our beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed. They are never fed any grain, animal by-products, antibiotics, or injected with growth hormones. We have been practicing Management Intensive Grazing since 1997. It is our goal to care for all of the livestock that with which we have been blessed.

Our chickens for meat and eggs are also raised on pasture with green grass under their fee as much as weather in this part of the world allows.

Our hogs are fed non-GMO grain but live outdoors with dirt under their feet, with the opportunity to express their unique characteristics of being pigs. They thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to root in the soft dirt or to put their nose in a water puddle and blow bubbles. That's just what they like to do.

We do not use ANY petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers on any of our pastures. We believe that healthy people and healthy animals start with healthy plants and a healthy, biologically active soil community.

Privacy & Safety

Rest assured, we do not share any of our customers' information with anyone. Period.

Wholesale Inquiries

Do you have a restaurant or market where you would like to offer our meats? Contact us for information about purchasing our meats wholesale.

Payment Methods

Cash/Checks/Major credit cards

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