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Shipping Policy - CSA's

Upon enrollment in Parker Farms Natural Meats CSA program, each member receives two insulated storage bags. One bag will contain the member's monthly share while the other bag is retained by Parker Farms for the following month's disbursement.  


Additionally, each of our CSA members are asked to visit our farm one-time per year to pick up their monthly share as well as the shares of other members and deliver those to a pre-determined drop-off site where the other members will pick up their respective shares.


Shipping Policy - Bulk Meat Purchases

Bulk meat orders may be picked up at our meat shop, Crooked River Meats, in Richmond, Missouri.

Return & Exchange Policy

We take every measure possible to assure you are receiving the highest quality meats available. However, since meats are perishable products, we can not offer any returns or exchanges. Paid samples are available at any time if your family is in the mood to try something different.

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