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Grass Fed Beef - Full Side

All our beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed. Never being fed any grain, animal by-products, antibiotics, or injected with growth hormones. We have been practicing Management Intensive Grazing since 1997. It is our goal to care for all of the livestock that we have been blessed with, in as natural and humane a manner as we can.

Average weight of a full side is approximately 250 pounds and average weight of a split side is approximately 125 pounds.
To assure providing the highest quality meat available, beef is available for bulk purchase in the following months only - June, October and December. 

Grass Fed Beef - Full Side

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  • Bulk Beef - available as complete sides or split sides in June, October and December.

    All prices are on hanging weight of carcass and do not include processing except for chickens. Estimated processing for a Full Side is $250 and $125 for a Split side.

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