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Our Bulk Meat Program is perfect for the consumer who has adequate freezer storage space.

Farming is a seasonal business and in order to provide the highest quality meats available, some products are only available in select months of the year to allow the livestock to maximize the benefits of green grass.

  • Grass fed beef is available in June, October and December in either full sides or split sides.

  • Grass fed lamb is available in November only.

  • Pasture raised chickens are available in June and October.

  • All natural pork is available year round.

All prices are on hanging weight of carcass and DO NOT include processing except for chickens. Please visit our product pages for estimated processing fees. 

NOTE: Items sold by weight will be processed in-store. The total at checkout is an estimated total. When you pick up your order in-store, you will be charged for the actual weight of the item you receive.

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